Friday, 8 February 2013

i need a teddy bear!!

Assalamualaikum..first of all..thank to still alive till now..such a wonderful gift.. ;) and of course a big apologize coz unable to update tis cute quite busy with mylife..haha..but am coming back!! for good..insyaAllah.. :)

        sadly to mention tat my holidays just 9 days left..ohmy!!time flies so fast...but am excited for a new sem..which my last sem for sure..after tat officially will be graduated!!but ofcoz i'll be missing my studying life.. :(  Ya Allah..pliz let everything went well for me..amiin!

       ok3..back to the topic..ya!! i do need a teddy bear..coz mine i throw it at the store..haha..coz its does not mean anything to me need to buy a new one..not too big like mine..juz enough for me to cute ofcoz..hehe ;P currently,am deeply fall in love with the white color teddy bear..look like very calm and cute!!wink2

      dont worry..after am starting my new sem..i'll buy soon as i accompany me through out the night..hehe..cant wait!!

                                                  just like tis one!! ohmy!! too cute!!

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